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oneMILE is a boutique animation & production studio located in Dublin, Ireland.  Founded by artist  Donovan Delaney in 2013  the studio has become for known for its professional quality and fluid creativity working with its clients both Irish and worldwide.

We apply he highest standards to each project, independent of production, budget or format.  Our aim is to create the highest quality content possible as our vision not to live forever, but to create something that does.


Working in the Irish production industry for over 10 years we have experience creating and delivering content for every format for any budget.  Specializing in animation for broadcast, film and commercial, oneMILE offers a professional full-time service to its clientele who have deep control over all levels of production.  We deliver to all formats including delivery to satellite services for television and DCP for cinema.



We are a passionate team of artists whose goal is to create exciting and engaging content casting off dated cliches with a view to changing the status quo both in quality and service.


oneMILE Studio

9 Lower Abbey Street

Dublin 1




MON-FRI 09:00-20:00

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Commander in chief:

The owner and head operator of oneMILE  is Donovan Delaney.

For his 14 year  career Donovan has worked in all areas of television and post production.


Finding success from an early age, Donovan  has managed to pack in an impressively vast and eclectic body of work into his tenure as a freelance motion designer.


From Champions League finals to Hollywood VFX, Movie titles and commercial animation  for the worlds top brands he has gained a broad and seasoned understanding of the demand for quality and ingenuity in the Irish production industry.


Armed with a passion for quality and his understanding of the industry, Donovan founded oneMILE in 2014 and since then has produced work for clients such as Guinness,  Universal,  Eurosport,  RTE and many, many others.


Donovan's goals are simply to create the highest quality work possible and to create a lasting impression among his clients and peers for quality, innovation and raw passion.


He also has a passion for listening to annoying basso-nova music while others try work!



oneMILE Studio

9 Lower Abbey Street

Dublin 1






T.   01-8733697







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